Quality Control System


 We have a separate quality department under quality manager who is directly reporting to the DMD (Production & Admin.) responsibility of Quality Manager:


Will check pre-production sample before start production.



Will explain the critical operation among the Q.C. Cutting, Sewing & Finishing.



Before start production the Q.M. will ensure the number & the quality of needle as per fabric requirement.



The Q.M. will adjust the temperature of pressing iron according to the nature of the fabric.



Quality Manager will monitor the overall quality procedures of in quality, will do inspection as per required AQL

Q. C. System of Cutting Section:

Fabric inspection (10% of the total fabric to be inspected as per four point system).



Before cutting start - Important points to be checked i.e. Fabric Faults, Drawing Defects, Running Shade, Uneven Fabric Width, Height of the Lay, (not exceed 6"), the sharpness of the cutting blade etc.



After cutting of fabric Q.C. will check cut block & bundles as below:





Block Check

Bundle Check






Cutting parts will be checked by paper pattern

Cutting Number



Bundle Number


Ragged cut

Size Number





Matching Plies

Fabric Fault

Q. C. System in Sewing Section:


The unit Quality Control will monitor the overall quality procedures of in quality, will do inspection as per required AQL. He will directly report the finding to the E.D., Q.M. & P.M. for immediate action. He will lead the team for the process checker, End Line Checking & Roaming Checker of his unit.




In process, we inspect 100% of out important part of a garment.




In-line (Roaming, 7 pcs)




End-line (100% Check)

Q. C. System Finishing Section:


Q. C. Supervisor (Lot Final)

R. Q. C. (2 Hrs)

R. Q. C. (2 Hrs) Q. I. (Check after iron)



Q. C.  Sup. will do inspection of the garment Presentation, Sewing & Measurement and will filled the any one of the Sheet, which covers the AQL 2.5/4.5 AQL 5% (normally require by the American Buyers) or AQL 5% normally  required by European Buyers).




R. Q. C. will inspect the goods which passed by the Q. I. (check after iron), R. Q. C. will inspect every after two hours.




Q. I. (check after iron) : The responsibility of the Q. I. is 100% check the quality (outside) of the total garments.